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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Only a month left!!!

Hey guys,

Sorry I haven't been posting earlier...Pre-College is fun, yet time-consuming!

My summer started off very slowly...I spent a month at home in Connecticut which is super boring (I can see cows from my windows every morning and there's no gas station in my town, that should give you an idea about my home)...but I achieved two things: playing with my cats and buying my first car...AAAHHHHHHHHHH...I know...

03 VW GTI 1.8T

I'm now back at CMU for Pre-C...Pre-C is a lot of fun and my summer is definitely getting much better...and it'll be even better if those of you who are in Pittsburgh call me up and hang out!!! I'm mostly free during the day and busy at night...

Keep up the good work with the Mudge fb group!


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Minute to Win It: Mudge Edition

Hey guys! Just wanted to share an idea for something we could do in Mudge next year. If you haven't seen the game show Minute to Win It, it's basically where people play a bunch of games to win money. The good thing about it is that the games are all really interesting, creative, and cheap. They all use normal household items like coins, pencils, cups, soda cans, etc. We could easily run this type of thing in Mudge for very little cost, and the games are really fun.

Summer's going well, just chilling in D.C. I hope everyone else is doing well!

- Shreepal

Saturday, May 28, 2011


Oops, so that did not work. :D I'm in the Philippines currently, so not much computer time. I don't know what happened with the first post, but I'm going to try and recreate it once I get a chance.

----- EDIT -----

I returned from the Philippines late last night and am procrastinating doing actual work, so I am re-visiting my muff up of a first post.

So, I was in the Philippines with the MechE department on an engineering service trip, as I may have mentioned in one of our get togethers. It was exactly what I expected in some ways and entirely not what I expected in others. It was a very worthwhile experience and I learned a lot of interesting things about construction, Filipino culture, perseverance, gratitude, religion, and myself. I have many stories and photos if any of you are interested to hear more. For now, here are some notable occurrences:

- Dealing with all convenient toilets breaking the first day and remaining so for the next three
- Having a following of literally 30 kids who would hang on to our cars as we drove out of the villages
- Trying to tear down an entire house while curious, naked toddlers played dangerously nearby
- Building a platform for a water pump for a village that was elevated 7 feet above ground by wooden stilts
- Losing my shorts while enjoying an au naturel dip in Taal Lake, an almost having to spend the rest of the day in boxer briefs if not for a trusty friend saving the day with an extra pair of shorts

And that's all for now. I hope all is well in whichever part of the world you are occupying currently. I am currently in Pittsburgh, and shall remain for the rest of the summer. Let me know if you're in town!

--- Patrick (Danger Milhouse James) Hogan

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Woot, summer!

And yay, summer blogs! I personally have not been up to anything since coming home two days ago, except vegging out with Hulu and making brownies. Pictures of that and some chocolate cake may go up tomorrow. :D I'm psyched for summer and can't wait 'til Orientation, yeahh!



Hey all,

So I guess the summer is finally here...

As I promised...we're making a blog! This is a nice way to stay connected and share all the fun we're having over the summer...I can't wait to hear what you all are doing and get to know you better through this blog! Post whatever you, videos, goofy links, etc...(appropro!!!)

(Cough) David (cough cough) more baby pictures!

Jen...let's photo-bomb this blog with our cats!!! And Kai...more of your music-making??? lol

So you get the idea...check in from time to time...

Mudge Love,

P.S. if you wanna make this blog prettier or dress it up more...lemme know and I'll make you admin...